Make a Referral


Hospice Waikato services are for people who have reached a palliative stage in their illness where the focus of treatment is on comfort and quality of life, rather than a cure.

Who can be referred?
Hospice services are for patients with any advanced, progressive and life limiting disease that require the services of a specialist palliative care team to assist in management of care. Health professionals may refer patients when the complexity of the illness is such that specialist assistance is needed to achieve control of symptoms and provide social, psychological and spiritual support to the patient and family. People may self refer, though we would request permission to confirm diagnosis with your GP or specialist.

How are referrals prioritised?
Referrals are prioritised according to the complexity of problems presented. Our standard is that contact is made to patient/whanau within 24 hours of receipt of referral.

Discharge from our care
Hospice Waikato’s Inpatient Unit is a short stay facility. Patients whose symptoms have stabilised and who have no other pressing needs will be discharged from the Inpatient Unit either to home or a long-stay facility. Patients who have been clinically stable for a period of two to three months may be discharged from the service, but in each case, patients can be re-referred if the need arises.

Download a Referral Form
The form below can be used to refer a patient to our hospice services. Once completed in full please fax the form to the respective location. It is essential to fill all the * fields. Process of this referral will be delayed if there is insufficient supporting evidence.

We are still accepting fax referrals to: 07 859 1266, alternatively, you can email a referral form to: [email protected]