Corporate Volunteering


Corporate and employee volunteering is a great way to get your staff involved with a charity organisation. Many companies offer employees the opportunity to take special Volunteer Days. Hospice Waikato is able to offer your organisation and employees personally organised projects throughout the year.

It is very rewarding and fulfilling to help play a part in making a positive difference to Hospice Waikato as a team.

Examples include:
• Gardening, tidying, sweeping
• Volunteering in our Hospice shops, sorting donations
• Helping to prepare for fundraising events
• Support at our events
• Marketing/Communications - leaflet drops, exhibitions
• Merchandise, selling tickets, manning stalls,

Corporate volunteering could benefit your business by:
• Boosting employee morale and motivation
• Offering an opportunity for team building
• Contributing to professional and personal development
• Links your organisation to a worthy cause.
• Coverage through our website, social media, newsletters etc.

On the day, one member of the team will be designated as the team leader who will be in charge of liaising with the Volunteer Manager regarding tasks you will be assigned. An opportunity for your team to have a briefing “about Hospice” before you begin your day is available, just ask.

If you or the organisation you work for is interested in corporate volunteering, get in touch with our volunteer Manager Karen Mansfield by emailing [email protected]