Our Wishlist

Below is a list of practical items that we use on a daily basis. These can range from small items that we require a lot of, such as USB sticks - to larger items, such as a new vehicle for our rural nurses.

Each item on our wishlist plays a crucial part in the care that Hospice Waikato provides to patients and their families.

If you are able to help us by gifting any of the below items please sent us an email at marketing@hospicewaikato.org.nz

Hospice Waikato's policy on receiving gifts: If the giver of the gift has specified the purpose for which the gift is to be used, Hospice Waikato will endeavor to meet that request. However, it is recognised that this may not always be possible and Hospice Waikato reserves the right to use the gift in whatever way the organisation sees fit. Please also note that our staff are not allowed to accept any gifts intended for them personally.

Our Wishlist

  • USB sticks - to provide patients and families with their written life stories
  • Petrol Vouchers - to give to volunteers who travel to patients homes
  • Supermarket Vouchers - to provide to families who are under financial strain
  • Gift a day of care - to cover the cost of a full day's care for a Hospice patient. Find out more HERE.