Why I volunteer for Hospice Waikato

Why I volunteer for Hospice Waikato3 Nov 2017

Hi there. My name is Ian, and every Friday you will find me behind the wheel of the Hospice Waikato Truck.

I am proud to be, among some wonderful individuals, a volunteer for Hospice Waikato. We all have our own reasons, and circumstances, that lead us to volunteer. However, we all share a common bond: we are here because we want to be here.

Many of my peers became involved as a means to repay, in a meaningful and productive way, the help and support that Hospice Waikato provided to assist them and their loved ones through a difficult time.

I guess I am fortunate because none of my loved ones have yet needed the services that Hospice Waikato offer.

For many a year I often thought how good it would be to have the time to be able to help others. Ironically it was a health issue that gave me the opportunity to volunteer, and so I did.

I love to drive and Hospice Waikato needed a driver. Every Friday (and other days when I can), for two and a half years, I have piloted our truck around the Waikato. In all that I do I have always endeavoured to give more than I get back.

So I ask myself, “How have I done that during my time at Hospice?” I give my time, effort and energy. I am a good driver and I work hard. The older I get the more I realise that people and health are so very important. I treat people well, with compassion and respect, and I hope that by doing so it helps keep Hospice ahead of our competition.

I get to work with some wonderful people and I get to meet some amazing families and individuals within the community. I get an all-day workout without having a gym membership.

I get the satisfaction of knowing that my small contribution helps Hospice Waikato to offer their excellent services.

I also get great support from the warehouse manager and his 2IC, who create an atmosphere where we can work hard and
have fun doing it.

The truck team is among those who are the face of Hospice, and so I am always mindful that first impressions last!

Life on the truck is physically demanding, logistically challenging and I normally go home pretty weary, BUT, with the biggest smile. So if you see the truck on a Friday, smile with us, and give us a wave.