Telehealth allows a caregiver, or patient, and health professional to see and talk to each other by using secure video-conferencing over the internet.

As demand for our services increases, we have looked at different way’s families can receive care in the place of their choice. Using telehealth is one of the ways we make this happen.

It is like using Skype or other video messaging, but the software Hospice Waikato uses is completely secure. There can be multiple people connecting from different locations at the same time if required.

“I love the service via Zoom – it’s almost as personal as face to face – you can read each other’s expressions and body language and I guess for the practitioner that must give prompts and cues. For me as a client its very reassuring to see a compassionate and wise face there supporting me which is powerful and at times no words needed. Thank you for this great service I hope you keep it going.” - Client of Hospice Waikato Family Services.