Preparing for a stay in our Inpatient Unit


There are several reasons people are referred to our Inpatient Unit, but our main aim is to enhance your quality of life, and we’ll do all we can to ensure that you’re comfortable during your stay with us.

What is the inpatient unit like?
Rooms are private, spacious, each with its own ensuite, TV, and outdoor area. Lounge areas with kitchenettes are available for use by family and friends. Our staff are available to ensure you are comfortable during your stay. If there is anything concerning your care or treatment please talk to a staff member.

Our facility is committed to providing holistic care, to support our patients and their families. Respect for the cultural and spiritual needs of our patients and their families are important to us. Our skilled team of professionals provide clinical support with care and compassion. Time spent identifying the needs of you and your family will help ensure that your treatment and care is the best possible for you. This approach is central to our philosophy.

My inpatient stay has been arranged. What do I need to do?
• Please bring your usual medications.
• Don’t forget your toiletries.
• Bring continence products if you are using them.
• Pack a bag with some comfortable casual clothing as well as your nightwear and dressing gown.
• You are welcome to bring family photos and mementos but please don’t bring valuables.
• All bedding and linen is supplied but you are welcome to bring a favourite pillow, quilt or similar.
• Cell phones and wireless laptops can be used in the Inpatient Unit. These items are brought on-site at the owners own risk.