How can I be referred to the Inpatient Unit?


Requests for admission are individually assessed according to need. Hospice patients may be referred to the IPU by their general practitioner, specialist doctor or Hospice Waikato nurse.

Reasons for admission
You may be admitted for:
• Symptom management – review and control of troublesome symptoms such as nausea or pain.

• On occasion a pre-booked admission, to allow time-out for patients, carers and family members may be available. Admission, though booked, cannot be automatically assumed and is dependent on bed availability and will be prioritised according to patient need.

• Care in the final days of life. In some situations, care at home is no longer possible and it may be more suitable for a patient to spend their last days in the care of Hospice Waikato Inpatient Unit. This is decided in full discussion with the patient, family/whānau and community team including the GP.

How much will it cost me to stay?
It will not cost you anything to stay in our facility. However you may be charged for certain drugs that are not funded. Hospice Waikato does not meet the cost of transfer by ambulance to and from the Inpatient Unit and your home.