Will you help our nurses to be where the need is greatest?

Will you help our nurses to be where the need is greatest?

In November of 2016 Ted Rengert was given devastating news by his doctor that no one is ever prepared to receive – Leukaemia.

After finding love again later in life Ted and Marjorie spent their days living rurally and enjoying each other’s company. But when Ted was diagnosed with Leukaemia Marjorie knew she wouldn’t be able to take care of him on her own.

The thought of Ted not being able to live out his days at home with Marjorie was devastating. He desperately did not want to go into a home or a hospital.

"I saw no reason why I shouldn't look after him myself, but I knew I couldn’t do it alone. He just wanted to be here in our home with this beautiful view," said Marjorie.

The emotions, fears and need for constant care were at times overwhelming, but after being referred to Hospice Waikato and introduced to Jenny, one of the Community Care Nurses, Marjorie felt huge relief knowing that she would not be alone, and that Jenny would be there for them throughout their journey, made an enormous difference.

Jenny soon became an important part of Ted and Marjorie’s lives, and her frequent visits became something they would both look forward to. “Jenny popped in a lot which was wonderful, she was just so lovely with Ted, and with me. We felt as though she was part of our family,” said Marjorie.

It was the ongoing support, medical equipment, and the feeling of never being alone that Marjorie appreciated most. “Just a phone call from Jenny would make everything seem more manageable. Even now she still phones often, just to see how I am,” she said.

With the support of Hospice Waikato Ted was able to stay at home for the remainder of his life, and passed away peacefully on June 25th, 2017, in the home he built for his Marjorie.

When a loved one is diagnosed with a terminal illness it understandably turns your life upside-down, but for Ted and Marjorie they were still able to retain most of life’s comforts, surrounded by the things they hold dear, thanks to the care and support they received at home from Hospice Waikato.

"I miss him, but life goes on, and Hospice has just been marvellous. I just can’t speak highly enough of Hospice," says Marjorie.

- Rachael Bish,
Hospice Waikato

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Together we can continue to provide free specialist palliative care for our families.

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