Hospice Waikato and Montana Catering fundraiser a success

Hospice Waikato and Montana Catering fundraiser a success

The Hospice Waikato banquet has been deemed a success, thanks to nearly $350,000 raised on Thursday night. Over 900 people from the Waikato attended the annual event, with main sponsor Montana Catering providing the food and drink for the occasion.

Hospice Waikato Chief Executive Craig Tamblyn said $348,443 was raised - around $100,000 more than last year. "We're absolutely thrilled," he said.

The theme this year was "live, laugh, love" and was incorporated into Montana Catering's three-course menu. "The food was so good. Montana Catering looked at our theme and thought how they could complement that," Tamblyn said. "The food was about making you feel happy, and that's exactly what the food did. It was just incredible." He added that without Montana Catering and its support, there would be no banquet.

"We could not do what we did last night without that partnership and the community. "All I can say is, as the CEO of Hospice Waikato, the support by the Waikato community has been amazing."

Tamblyn said everyone got behind the silent auction and the live auction. "In the live auction, you immediately knew how much people were paying for items. And in the silent auction, it was a big surprise at the end to know how much things had been sold for. The night was just absolutely awesome. It was, wow, just wow."

The Hospice Waikato team will debrief next week and then look to next year's event. "Everybody is tired, but absolutely buzzing. We will look into the wow factor next year and eventually start plans for what that could look like."

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