Changes to Cheque Payments

Changes to Cheque Payments

Like many of our donors, cheques have been a common way to make donations to Hospice Waikato. With more customers choosing to bank online, there has been a decline in the use of cheques. As a result, all major New Zealand banks have made the decision to phase out cheques. We understand that this could be disruptive, and we are more than happy to help anyone affected.

Here are four easy ways you can continue to help us to care for people who need our support.

1. Phone us – we would love to hear from you. Call (07) 859 1260 and use your Credit Card or Debit Card to donate

2. Visit our website - and click on our DONATE page, you can use your credit card or debit card to then donate

3. Online or phone banking - Use your online or phone banking to make a donation. Our Bank account is 03-1555-0091553-00, you can set this up to be a regular donation if you choose to. Please use reference code NL04.

4. Set up a direct debit – simply complete the form attached and return using the supplied paid envelope. You can cancel this Direct debit at any time by phoning us.

Your support means a lot to us.