Give A Day of Care

You can give a very special day of care to a Waikato person who is living with a terminal illness.

Our ‘Gift of Care’ offers you (or your business) a unique opportunity to help us provide much needed care, respite and support to patients and their families.

This is your opportunity to make a generous gift and a positive impact in the life of a special person and their family.

Your gift could be one that creates moments and memories that will be treasured within a family for a very long time – a stay in our inpatient unit takes the pressure off family and care givers, a last wish could be made possible, a much awaited wedding could occur or family members can visit in a relaxed and loving environment. Your ‘Gift of a day of Care’ could help to create a most precious day.

Why give a day of care?
Your gift of $1000 will support one patient, for one day in our Inpatient Unit

Our Inpatient unit provides respite for families and carers who are looking after a patient who is living with the effects of a terminal illness, it also provides symptom and pain control and end of life services.

By giving a gift of care, you’ll be supporting this vital and unique service in our community:

You can honour someone’s memory or celebrate a special day a special day or milestone in your life, by giving a ‘Gift of Care’.
With your help we can ensure every day our patients have is lived well.

Your gift will be recognised in the following way;-
1. Public Recognition: Your gift will be acknowledged in our quarterly newsletters, Facebook and online communications.
2. Business Recognition: You can gain further recognition for your business with a range of resources, including an electronic logo for your website and email signatures.

Give a Gift of Care Below
If you'd like to know more about gifting a a day of care, please get in contact with the Marketing and Fundraising team on 07 859 1260 or by emailing [email protected]