Roger FitzGerald

Roger FitzGerald

Board Representative

Roger FitzGerald is an experienced trust administrator having worked with Guardian Trust for 19 years administering estates and trusts. He is the Hamilton Branch Manager at Forsyth Barr, a leading New Zealand investment firm and has been with this company as an investment adviser for 22 years.

Roger is active in the community and has been a member of Hamilton Central Rotary for 25 years. He has served twice as its president and has been on itโ€™s board for most of that time. Roger is involved in a number of charitable trusts and is currently the chair of Sky City Hamilton Community Trust.

He has been on the Board of Hospice Waikato Community Trust since 2011 and is also on the Hospice Waikato Community Foundation as a Trust appointed member. He sees his role with the foundation not only as a link between the trust and the foundation, but also to increase awareness in the community of the vital service that Hospice Waikato provides to families in need of support.