Morning Tea

Morning Tea

It is extremely hard when a loved one dies. No matter how prepared we think we are, we can never truly be ready for the finality of death.

On the first Tuesday of every month Hospice Waikato hosts a morning tea for bereaved people whose family members and friends have been cared for by Hospice Waikato.

Come and join us for this informal gathering of other men and women who are also journeying through grief. Morning teas are held at Hospice Waikato, 334 Cobham Drive, Hillcrest, Hamilton.

Times: Tuesdays, 10 am -11.30 am

Dates for 2020:
4th February
3rd March
7th April
5th May
2nd June
7th July
4th August
!st September
6th October
3rd November
1st December

End of year get together for Hamilton bereavement groups will be at the Hamilton Gardens on the 9th December.
For more information, or to register attendance please phone 07 859 1260. Facilitated by Charmaine.