Often the emotional pain and stresses associated with illness or death can be as difficult to deal with as physical symptoms.

Hospice Waikato offers professional counselling services for patients and families facing illness, death and bereavement. Counselling is a process that offers you an opportunity to safely explore your thoughts and feelings.

Our counselling service is free, confidential and available to all Hospice clients and their family/whānau. We also offer telephone counselling to support families living in rural or remote areas of the Waikato.

Counselling provides:

• Personal one to one sessions provided either in our counselling room at our Wellness Centre or at home as needed.
• Therapeutic support groups for patients and for caregivers, held periodically throughout the year
• Skilled support volunteers are able to spend time listening in a warm and supportive way.
• Guidance and assistance to individuals and families in communicating with each other in times of severe emotional distress. People within our service have found that counselling can reduce pain, anxiety, fear and stress, allowing for relaxation and a greater sense of meaning.
• A supportive partnership with individuals and their issues. It helps them to access their own resources, wisdom and strengths so they can find new answers and ways to live.
• A time for listening and talking for emotional expression and for greater personal awareness.
• Creative use of art, expressive writing, music and play.

If you would like to know more about the Counselling Service, discuss your counselling needs or make an appointment, please contact Hospice Waikato on 07 859 1260.