Hospice Awareness Week

Date: Monday, 13th May to Sunday, 19th May 2019
Location: Participating New World Supermarkets in your community

Hospice Awareness Week is an opportunity for communities to better understand how local hospices can help people who are dying, and their families, ‘live every moment’.

It is an opportunity for hospices around New Zealand to tell people about who we are and what we do to support our community. Hospice care is holistic, considering a person’s physical, emotional, social, cultural and spiritual needs. Hospices care for families and caregivers as well, both before and after a death.

How can you support Hospice Waikato during awareness week?

Make a donation
Hospice services are completely free of charge for patients and their families, but we need your help to ensure that it stays free. As little as $5 can help us to continue caring for people when they need it most, whether it be at home or here at Hospice Waikato.

Please donate to Hospice Waikato by clicking HERE.

Add $1 campaign
Look our for our Add a $1 campaign at your local New World supermarket! Checkout operators will ask whether you would like to add $1 to your total shopping bill to support the work we do. Encourage others to visit New World and give generously to the campaign.

Participating New World Supermarkets:
• Glenview
• Hillcrest
• Te Rapa
• Rototuna
• Waihi

Help us spread the word about hospice
Hospice Awareness Week is the perfect opportunity to bust some common myths, such as “hospice is a place where you go to die.” Hospice is so much more than that! So, if you get the opportunity to educate someone about hospice, share some facts that will help others see us in a different way.

For example:
• Hospice care is free of charge for patients and their families
• Hospice cares for people in any place they call home
• Hospice helps people live every moment, in whatever way is important to them
• Hospice cares for people with any life limiting condition
• Hospice is not a building; it is a philosophy of care

Connect with us on Facebook!
During the month of May we will be promoting awareness week on Facebook. Please like, comment and share with your own networks to help us spread the word about hospice. Check out our Facebook page HERE.