Hospice New Zealand Fundamentals of Palliative Care


Developed by Hospice New Zealand and designed for staff working in the aged residential care and primary health sectors and anyone caring for people with advanced life-limiting illnesses.

The goal of the Fundamentals packages is to improve and ensure quality and equity of palliative care services for all people and their families, regardless of care setting. The Fundamentals package consists of ten learning sessions aimed at all health professionals.

The learning packages are:
• Essence of palliative care
• Ethical issues in palliative care
• Pain and symptom management
• Palliative care for people with chronic illness
• Palliative care for people with dementia
• Communication skills
• Last days of life
• Loss and grief
• Caring for ourselves
• Introduction to spiritual care

Cost: $60
6 May 2020
13 May 2020
20 May 2020

Attendance certificates will be issued on completion of the 3 day series.

Bookings are essential. If you would like to book this 3-day course, please click here here.

If you have any questions regarding Hospice New Zealand Fundamentals of Palliative Care training, please phone Andrea Jones on 07 859 1260 or email Andrea.Jones@hospicewaikato.org.nz