Corporate Fundraising


Whatever the size of your organisation or business or the level of commitment you can give, corporate fundraising is a great way to get your organisation supporting the work Hospice Waikato does in your community. From your initial enquiry to developing the right partnership for your business, our corporate team is on hand to support you and make our partnership a success.

Why support us?
Your company can make a major difference to people living with a terminal illness and their families. By becoming our corporate partner, you will be helping us to provide vital care and support in your local community. A partnership with Hospice Waikato can help you to motivate your staff, boost morale and build loyalty amongst employees, encourage team building and leadership skills, enhance your brand, increase your reputation as a socially responsible company and create positive PR for your company.

Make Hospice Waikato your ‘Charity of Choice’
Adopting Hospice Waikato as your ‘Charity of Choice’ is an ideal way for your company to focus its charitable activities. You can promote Hospice Waikato within your company and to your clients; this will demonstrate your company values and commitment to supporting your local community.

Company Donation
Your company can help make a difference by making a donation, either to a specific project or to Hospice Waikato’s work in general. Remember 33% of money donated to charities can be claimed back as a tax refund.

Employee fundraising
Motivate your staff, promote creativity or just have fun for Hospice Waikato. How about organising a workplace event such as a ‘Hospice Cuppa’ in your office or participating in ‘Shorts for Hospice’ day? We can provide you with various fundraising materials such as leaflets, posters and collection boxes to support your event.

Throughout the year we have many opportunities for companies to support or sponsor our fundraising events. This could be sponsoring our big events (Shorts for Hospice, The Hospice Waikato, Montana Food & Events Bucket List Banquet, Remembrance Services or our Rainbow Place Children’s Party). Sponsorship means that costs can be covered and all monies raised can go directly to patient care.

Donate gifts in kind
We always need donations of products and gifts in kind for raffles and auctions. Or perhaps your company is able to offer stationery, gardening services or other gifts that will help us save money.

Set up payroll giving
Payroll giving is an easy way for employees to support good causes as it enables donations to go directly from a person’s pay to a community organisation. Payroll giving is administered through the PAYE tax system, so people whose employers sign up for the scheme will receive the tax benefits of their donations each payday, without having to present donations receipts or wait to claim at the end of the tax year.

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