Leave a Lasting Legacy


When you make a Will, you provide for future generations. Making a will is an act of generosity, an investment in the future – and a legacy of love. Including a gift (bequest) to Hospice Waikato in your Will extends that legacy from your family to your community. A bequest is a simple and effective way to support other people’s needs many years into the future. It is a wonderful legacy to leave.

Why Hospice Waikato
By supporting Hospice Waikato through a bequest, you will help to ensure our services remain free of charge for Waikato people, many years into the future. Hospice Waikato provides a variety of specialised care services free of charge for people with life-limiting illnesses. Our role is to support patients, their families, children and their carers through illness, death and bereavement. The demand for our services is growing every year. New Zealand’s population is growing and aging, creating a greater need and increased pressure on existing funding. All contributions are utilised by Hospice Waikato in our regions throughout the Waikato, King Country and Thames-Coromandel, and no funding is distributed nationally.

Your Bequest – which type is best?
Once you have taken care of your family and friends you can remember Hospice Waikato in several ways. A bequest can be whatever you can afford. No bequest is too small and it will be gratefully received and used effectively.

A gift in your Will can take a number of different forms:
• A specified sum of money;
• A percentage of the value of your Estate;
• Specific gift of property, art, shares or bonds, antiques etc.
• The residue of your estate after provision for family and other beneficiaries. (The residue of your Estate is what is left following payment of all debts and expenses and after payment of specific gifts to family and friends).

How do I know my bequest will be used wisely?
Hospice Waikato is a Charitable Trust founded in 1981. It is independent of any other organisation and is administered by a Board of Trustees. Bequest funds will be administrated by the Waikato Hospice Foundation.

Should I seek legal advice on leaving bequests?
Leaving a bequest is simple – but as with any matter concerning your Will, it’s wise to seek legal advice. A solicitor, Public Trust or Trustee Company will help you ensure your intentions regarding your Will are completely clear.

Should I advise Hospice Waikato they have been remembered in my Will?
You don’t have to – but we would certainly appreciate it if you do! If we know you have left a gift, we can plan better for our financial future. It also gives us the opportunity to invite you to supporters’ functions so you are part of our future, here and now.

How will my bequest be acknowledged?
This depends on your personal preference. If you wish, we can talk to you about how you would best like your contribution to the future of Hospice Waikato acknowledged and celebrated.

Questions and further information
Please contact us if you would like further information on leaving a bequest to Hospice Waikato. All discussions are treated with the strictest confidence.

Please contact:
Nichola Page, Bequests Manager
Mobile: 027 406 6147
Email: [email protected]
Thank you for considering leaving a gift in your Will to Hospice Waikato.