The Hospice@Home service is offered within Hamilton City, Ngaruawahia and Cambridge. On referral a Registered Nurse, skilled in the holistic care of patients who have a terminal illness and their family/whanau, is assigned to co-ordinate care.  This care is primarily provided within the patient’s own home or where someone feels at home. The Hospice@Home Registered Nurse works within a multidisciplinary team that includes the patient’s General Practitioner, a specialist palliative care doctor, social worker and counsellor.

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Care includes:Hospice Waikato 0225

  • Assessing patient needs and working with the patient and family to develop individual plans of care
  • Assesement and advise on symptom management. Commencement and monitoring of subcutaneous infusions.
  • Providing ongoing emotional support for patients and families
  • Advising on symptom management
  • Allowing adequate time for patients and families’ needs
  • Offering support and education to patients and families regarding ongoing care requirements
  • Communication with other health professionals such as General Practitioner and/or specialist services of the patient’s choice.
  • Referral for other services – for example home help, personal care and respite care
  • Referral to hospital level care facilities if required
  • Assessing the patient’s needs and arranging, at no charge, appropriate equipment to aid home care, as long as needed
  • Hospice@Home Registered Nurses work 8:00 am to 10:30 pm, covering seven days per week, with a Registered Nurse on call outside these hours for urgent requirements.
  • Providing ongoing emotional, psycho social and spiritual support in collaboration with the Allied Health Team

Emotional SupportHospice Waikato 0206

During Illness

Coming to terms with serious illness and dying can be difficult and distressing for all concerned.  When someone is seriously ill, everyone around them is affected.  The patient and family/whanau may deal with a whole host of emotions, from anger to helplessness, feeling frightened or depressed.

Hospice Waikato provides patients, families/whanau with an opportunity to identify and deal with all aspects relating to the emotional, social and spiritual impact of terminal illness.

How is this provided?

  • Hospice@Home Registered Nurse.  The nurse is skilled in assessing emotional needs and is able to refer to other services as needed.
  • Personal one to one counselling provided either in our counselling room at our offices or at home as needed.
  • Therapeutic support groups for patients and for caregivers, held periodically throughout the year
  • Family and relationship counselling
  • Skilled support volunteers are able to spend time listening in a warm and supportive way.


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