Richard Small

Richard Small

Richard joined the Hospice Board in 1998 when it's base was a house in Manning Street, with no Inpatient Unit, four administration staff and twelve nurses, some part-time.

Later the Hospice moved to larger premises in Harwood Street, and Richard became Chairman of the Board in 2005.

In 2006 the Board purchased the current site on Cobham Drive and embarked on a highly successful $8million fund-raising project to build the Inpatient Unit, Rainbow Place, a day care centre, the nurses base and administration block.

Following this the Hospice Foundation was formed and charged with the responsibility for future capital funding requirements, and caring for special donations and Bequests.

Richard retired from the Board in 2014, but has remained with the Hospice Foundation.

Richard is also a member of the Hamilton Rotary Club and is a recipient of a Paul Harris award for services to the community.