Life Review - Making a Memory Book

Life Review - Making a Memory Book

Recalling special moments in your life and capturing these into a story can be a very therapeutic process. The story about you could become a treasured record for future generations. You could share your recollections about the people you have met, places you have been and experiences you have had.

What is involved
A trained volunteer will visit you weekly, these visits usually last about an hour. The volunteer will interview and record your story in your own words which may be made up of memories, photos and poems. Or you may wish to write it yourself. If so, the volunteer will help as required. These visits usually last about an hour. Once the interviews are complete, a transcript will be typed and given to you for proofing and editing. Once approved, your completed story will be bound and given to you to keep and share.

Who sees my story?
You decide whether this story is just for you or whether you wish to share it with family and friends.

What about confidentiality?
Hospice Waikato volunteers sign a confidentiality agreement promising that all information about you and your family is strictly confidential and not discussed outside Hospice Waikato.

What about the cost?
There is no charge for this service. You will be provided with one bound original and an electronic version at no cost.

Hospice Waikato's life review service is available by contacting Hospice Waikato or your Hospice nurse on 07 859 120 or 0800HOSPICE.